Flat Rachel Meets Menomonie pt. 1



Happy second semester! We are in our fourth week, and I’m just happy that I have coffee to keep my brain on.

If you have any ideas of how you keep yourself sane during the beastly weeks of long nights, let us know in the comments!

Every single semester, I like to find new places to hang out, do homework, eat, etc., but because I have you guys, I thought I’d share some of my favorite places to be on campus and in the community. Hope you enjoy! Please comment with any questions or more places you love to go in Menomonie!

So, in the second grade, my class did a “Flat Stanley” project, where we made ourselves out of paper, laminated it, then mailed it to a family member in a different city or state. They would take photos with it and, then *gasp* get them printed at Walgreens, and then ending the project, send them back to us to see where our Flat-person went.

I did that for this post…sort of.

  1. The Library. You might have already been there, at least to get your books. But I love the fourth floor the most. I somehow can just  crank out essays in there. I also love lab 111. When you walk in and are about to go in the elevator, you instead keep walking straight. It’s a big computer lab that’s open at night, and has tables for group projects and big monitors to use for Adobe products!
  2. The MSC. Y’all know this one. But there are so many places to hang out! I love studying by myself in the Involvement Center, but studying with friends in the Fireside Cafe in the big booths!
  3. Here’s an off-campus place: Aldi. Amazing selection of cheap groceries! Do not be fooled by the quarter-carts (make sure you have a quarter for using a car!), this place is not here to take all your money. You will save so much more, than if you went to Walmart! TRUST ME.
  4. Like I said in my intro, coffee is a good friend of mine. You should meet him. The Raw Deal can seriously help you get your caffeine fix. Also, if you’re vegan, their whole (mostly) menu is vegan! I like their pies. (I took this picture!)
    raw deal
  5. This is an event..so plan ahead! The UW-Stout Annual Block Party! Six bands, henna, coffee, food, and friends! It’s usually the first weekend of the fall semester on the Johnson Fieldhouse lawn. It’s FREE and is all day long. Check it out this Fall! Below is a photo of Harbor and Home headlining last year (they’ll be playing at Stout this Feb. 25th!).


If you have any more ideas of where Flat Rachel could go, comment below!

-3D Rachel


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