WOO-HOO! SNOW DAY!! ……Now what?

Hey Everyone! How about that snow day, huh?

Snow days in college are rare, but when they happen, it’s definitely a celebration! I know I can get absolutely bored out of my mind, so here are a few ideas to keep from getting too antsy during those precious snow days:

  1. If you’re not too against going outside, grab some friends (or do it solo) and build a snowman!



  1. While you’re outside, have a snowball fight! Or, if you’re not feeling like getting totally soaked maybe opt for building a fort- snow days are great for reminiscing about your childhood.


Yours doesn’t have to look as nice as this one…I know mine wouldn’t!


  1. If you’re not feeling too outdoors-y (hey it’s cold, I am right there with you!), you can always catch up on a good book or work on emptying out your Netflix queue. With some microwave popcorn and hot chocolate, you’ve got yourself a perfect day in. I don’t know what it is about snow days, but they always bring out my lazy days.




  1. If you don’t really want to venture outside, but you still want to keep yourself busy you can always put on some music and re-organize your desk or vacuum out your room. Keeping your window closed for months on end tends to leave a musty scent in your room, so it’s a good idea to try to clean it more than usual!





  1. If you aren’t feeling quite that ambitious, you could rent a board game from the front desk and round up a few friends (or strangers- it’s never too late to meet new people!). All you need is your student ID and a place to spread out and have a good time! Here is a link to what’s available for checkout at the front desk!



Happy snow day, everyone! What are some of your favorite snow day activities at Stout? Let us know in comments!



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