a day during finalsHello fellow peers, families, and potential Stouties. Please remember that this time of year, college students all over the world are staying up really late, stressing out, contemplating life’s biggest questions, like “Why did I choose to go to college?” or “Did I brush my teeth this morning?”

This next Wednesday is the official first day of the horrific beast that is “finals week.” Though it’s not until then, we’re still busy as heck. Us students are working on group projects late into the night, making study sheets for our tests, working on more projects, eating (when we remember), going through a semester’s worth of notes for the cumulative final, and working on more projects.

Here is a run down of a typical day for someone who is going through the dreadful week leading up to finals/during finals week…and some ways to make a little lighter. What kind of blog would this be if we just talked about the hard stuff?

8:30 am: Wake up. Shower. Brush teeth. Don’t forget to pack a snack, your notebook, and calculator.

9:30 am: Coffee. (A large one.)


10:10 am: Class. Try not to worry about project you need to work on later. Tries to focus. Worries anyway.

12:10 pm: Eat lunch. You need brain food. REMEMBER TO EAT. Then…STUDY.


1:25 pm: Class. Test. I had Statistics. But guess what? I made an amazing study sheet for the test, and I’m pretty sure I killed it. Wait, did I? Am I doing that thing where I thought I did well, but actually did badly? Oh no.

2:20 pm: Rents camera equipment for project. So many people are in the library. Worries that there won’t be any cameras left. Stress is in the air. You can basically smell the frustration from the lack of open outlets to charge laptops.

2:45 pm: Study with a friend. Don’t go crazy alone, but do it with someone by your side. That way you can empathize better. Also, encourage them to eat to.



4:15 pm: Get more coffee. I didn’t take a photo of this one, but it was the exact same, so….


4:30 pm: Film interview for a blog project. (What can I say?)

5:00 pm: Take a break and look at funny pictures on the interwebs.


5:15 pm: Practice guitar for a little bit because I promised myself I would try to practice everyday…..(It was only for like 10 minutes.)


5:30 pm: Eat dinner over at a friend’s. No pictures because it’s rude to be on the phone taking photos at dinner, know what I mean? It was burritos. I’m thankful.

7:00 pm: Lets get down to business, to defeat the hun-oops-I mean finals. This is not a Disney movie. This is real life. FOCUS. Study.


8:00 pm: Still studying. (P.S. Jarvis Hall lounge by the Jarvis Hall Express is super quiet at night…)


9:00 pm: Still here. Panics a little because I feel like I’m forgetting something.

10:00 pm: Yep. Probably getting a Red Bull.

You get the picture.

This next week, take the time to remember how hard you’ve worked this semester! Don’t let it go to waste! Study hard! Don’t forget to check out the library’s resources for research papers!

Also, if you weren’t able to make it to the TEDx talk that Stout hosted this semester, you can watch them on Youtube!

Here was my favorite!


Happy finals and good luck!,



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