Plant yourself Down in Stout’s Hidden Escape



If you were to ask someone on the UW-Stout campus where the greenhouse is you may get a simple answer. Nope.

“Most people don’t even realize that we have a greenhouse, or they don’t feel like they are allowed to come in and look around,” says Miranda Vandenberg.

Miranda is a junior studying Environmental Science program at UW-Stout. Miranda is also one of the friendly student managers of the greenhouse.

“The primary purpose for the greenhouse is for students to be able to learn about plants as well as see them in their most interesting phases of life,” says Professor Arthur Kneeland.

Most of the greenhouse visitors are members of one of the many plant biology classes offered at Stout. However, everyone is more than welcome to come take a look at all the cool plants growing in the greenhouse.

Cacti 2.jpg

“How often do people from Wisconsin get to see healthy and flowering pineapple plant in the winter?” says Kneeland. “We have an amazing variety of plants that most people probably would never get to see unless they took the time to visit the greenhouse. It’s not every day that you get to see a healthy banana tree growing in the middle of Wisconsin.”

In Stout’s greenhouse there is variety of plants ranging from a banana tree, to various forms of cacti. There are also a variety of experiments going on within the greenhouse throughout the year.

“We use the main space in the greenhouse as a study area where people are more then welcome to come in and study. We can even propagate plants for you or even teach people to repot plants. Everyone is more than welcome to come in, just take a look at the schedule posted outside the greenhouse door for our open hours,” says Vandenburg.

Whether you are interested in plants or you just need a little escape, the UW-Stout greenhouse is open to students weekday mornings. Times?


This article was taken from the UW-Stout Harvey News Service webpage.


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