Senior Spotlight: Garrett Aleckson

Garrett Aleckson: passionate sports enthusiast, avid meme user, and sports writer for the Stoutonia. Garrett is a senior in the Professional Communications and Emerging Media (PCEM) program here at UW-Stout. After graduating this coming May, Garrett hopes to have a job in sports media. This week, we asked Garrett a series of about his journey throughout his career at Stout along with some advice for future freshman!


What is your major? How did you decide that you would want to be apart of this major?

“My major is Professional Communication and Emerging Media with a concentration in Applied Journalism. I was first interested in the business program when I enrolled at Stout. But one of my friends that I met in my freshmen year indirectly helped me realize that business was something I did not want to pursue. I could tell that he was passionate and loved business whenever he talked about it, and I knew that I was did not have that same kind of passion for it. So I looked at majors and tried to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I always came back to something related to sports when I thought about what I wanted to do. I eventually found the PCEM program about halfway through the fall semester of my sophomore year. I met with the program director and finally declared for the major.”

What are you hoping to get a job in after graduation?

“I know that I want to be in sports media after I graduate. That is a bit general, but probably writing. I think doing sports radio or podcasts would be cool as well, but right now I am looking at sports journalism after I graduate.”


Why did you decide to come to Stout?
“Of the four colleges that I applied at, Stout was the college that continued sending me things in the mail that did not seem like they wanted my money. The other three colleges only sent me stuff in the mail periodically. Whenever I received something from Stout in the mail, it felt like they really wanted me. So, that made me feel like Stout would be a good fit. I never really went to Stout for an official visit, but when I got to the campus for my placement tests I really liked the campus.”

Are you involved in any fun things on campus? If so, explain a little about what you do, how you are liking it, and basically if you recommend joining it.
“I am not involved in any organization besides Stoutonia. But in my first couple years here, my friends and I spent a lot of time down at the Recreation Center playing basketball. It wasn’t for intramurals, but there were always a bunch of guys that would be playing a basketball.”

Since I know that you’re involved in the Stoutonia, has this club helped you solidify your future job plans?
“Yes it has. Having worked for Stoutonia, I know that I want to continue with sports after graduation. So I am happy about that. Most of the other jobs I have had made me realize that I did not want to do that job for the rest of my life.”

What advice would you give to incoming freshman/ people considering stout as their University?

“For people considering Stout for their University, your experience depends on what you do once you get to college. You can choose to try to get involved in many different things, or you can go a different route. It is your decision—that in itself is a wonderful thing. I know it is cliche, but I feel like the best thing to do is find something that involves your interests when choosing your major.”


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