How to Be Thankful Year-Round

It’s that time of year where everyone posts on Facebook what they’re thankful for on the fourth Thursday of November. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that people put aside pride and entitlement to say a little something about why they are thankful for something or someone in their lives. I’m sure everyone does feel some sort of thankfulness every day, but there’s only one day where everyone speaks up about it. I’d like to think it’s possible to be thankful, and outspoken about it, year-round, not just on Thanksgiving Day. I know I could always use a reminder to be thankful for what I’ve got, so here are a few tips to keep you feeling thankful all the time:

  1. When your parents call you, don’t try to get rid of them after 5 minutes.


Sure, you might be busy with “homework,” but they are living their lives too. They miss you and just want to catch up with you. If you really are busy, arrange a time that you can call back and let them know that you miss them too.
2. When you get packages in the mail from relatives or friends, let them know that you’re grateful for them.


They were thinking of you, and you should send the love back. Maybe even send a thank you card back, without your mom having to force you.


3.  Send out cards instead of only receiving them.


I know, this is a crazy thought, but think about it. It always brightens my day when someone sends me a card or letter out of the blue, so send grandma or your bestie a card to let them know that you’re thankful for them and that you miss them.


4. Text someone to tell them that you were thinking of them.


It’s the little things, really. Text your friend who’s been having a hard week to let them know you’re proud of them. Let your dad know you saw something that reminded you of him today.


5. Do a random act of kindness.


You don’t have to be thankful only for the people you know. You can be thankful for life, and everything it’s given you- both good and bad. Leave a couple quarters and a note by the vending machine. Leave some paper with a note at the printer. Tell a stranger that they look nice today (without being a jerk about it). Hold the door open for people. Be thankful all the time, and not just one day a year. It can be hard to remember this sometimes, especially right around finals week, but life is so good. Be thankful for it.


Happy Thanksgiving!



One thought on “How to Be Thankful Year-Round

  1. What a great reminder to the people who sometimes forget how good they have it! I really like hearing I’m not the only one who thinks about being more giving and grateful, especially during the holiday seasons. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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