Hi everyone! I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I hope it provides some of you some insight into the world of a major here at UW-Stout! If you have any additional questions, comment!

Meet Brett Mathews.


S&A: What is your name, hometown, field of study, and year at Stout?

Brett: My name is Brett Mathews and I am studying Engineering. I am in my third year at stout.

S&A: What is Manufacturing Engineering?

Brett: Manufacturing Engineering is about learning how to produce things effectively and efficiently. We learn how to design stuff and how get exposure to many different types of materials. Basically we figure out how to make stuff.

S&A: What types of jobs are available in that field?

Brett: As an Engineer, a person could do design work, process development work, really any engineering position.

S&A: How did you find out about and ultimately choose Stout?

Brett: I found out about Stout through my dad because he had hired a guy from Stout and knew about their engineering program.

S&A: What was the draw to the (major) here at Stout?

Brett: I was drawn to Stout because Stout is a school that is more focused on application and that is what I enjoy. Also, Stout has a very good job placement rate and they do a good job at getting their students jobs.

S&A: What types of projects have you done in your core classes? Do you have any examples? What types of skills did you have to learn to apply them to this project?

Brett: I have done design projects, projects where I studied the physics of everyday objects we use, and theoretical projects where I had to learn concepts to figure out my objective. One example is the industrial blower I designed last semester for my Engineering Graphics class. I completely designed this fan and was able to show it working in SolidWorks.


Brett used SolidWorks to create this “housing scroll.” If you ever take Engineering Graphics, you’ll get the chance to make your own scrolls, too!

S&A: What field or industry would you like to apply this degree toward?

Brett: I would like to work with a product that has an engine in it. I have always loved engines and so I think it would be fun to work with a machine that needs an engine to function. Otherwise, I don’t have a strong preference at this point.

S&A: What are your ultimate goals in life, with this degree in mind or not?

Brett: My ultimate goal in life is to bring God a lot of glory and to try to let everyone know who God is. I would love to use my Engineering degree to help people and to create mechanical things that make other peoples lives easier.

Just messin'g around, showing off his skillz.

Just messin’ around, showing off his skillz.

S&A: What has been your most memorable class? Why?

Brett: Calculus 1 was my most memorable class because the professor was a goon and was super cool and because there was this kid who showed up at least 15 minutes late to class every day, and he still passed the class. It was also a class that I had always thought would be very hard and I ended up doing pretty well in it which felt like an accomplishment to me.

S&A: What advice do you have for future or current students looking to find a solid major?

Brett: I would advise students to look at what kind of jobs are available when you graduate with a certain degree. Some majors have more opportunities than others so it is a good idea to see what kind of jobs you can get. The other thing I would advise students to do is to challenge yourself while you are at school. The only reason you are at college is to learn, so challenging yourself kind of makes sense.

A big thanks to Brett and the Manufacturing Engineering program at UW-Stout to make this post possible!



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