Tiny Town Tours: Wheeler

This week I went exploring with a good friend of mine (Hey Emma!) to a nearby town called Wheeler, about 15 miles away when you get on 25 North. I’ve often wondered what goes on in the little towns outside of Menomonie, and I’m glad I made the trip to find out.

On the way there, we saw some really pretty fall scenery.

2013-07-16 02.31.24

Sometimes, I forget how beautiful the Midwest can be.

First, we stopped out at this cute bakery about 5 miles outside of Wheeler, on County Road FF.

2013-07-16 02.52.50

A little bakery and market called The Grain Bin. A big thank you to the kind workers/owners- it was so nice to meet you!

2013-07-16 03.09.03

The inside was also very cute and it just felt very autumnal. If you haven’t checked this place out already, you definitely should!

2013-07-16 03.09.51

2013-07-16 03.10.26

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to check out the surrounding area of the bakery. There was a little shed and barn that is used for wedding receptions!

2013-07-16 02.51.00

The lovely owners even let us take a peek inside and all around the back!

This handwash station was just so cute that I couldn’t resist taking a picture!

Emma posing senior picture style on this outdoor patio set.

There were some really pretty views out this way!

After we were done looking around at The Grain Bin, we went into Wheeler and walked down the main road there.

The post office is right in the middle of all the action.

Some of the houses were really getting into the Halloween spirit!

If anyone is looking for something new to explore, I would highly recommend Wheeler and The Grain Bin!


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