5 Places to Explore on Campus


So. The semester has started. The assignments have definitely started. We’re all a little disorganized, but there are places on campus that students can go to focus/study, hang out, and eat. For those who are needing some inspiration, I’ve made this list of 5 of my favorite places to go on campus!

  1. The “Starfish Lounge,” or the third-floor Jarvis lounge. This is a huge open space with lots of chairs and small couches. There is a huge bay window, perfect for studying late on a snowy night, or when you need sunlight to stay awake. It’s always cool when it’s warm out, and warm when it’s cold out, but don’t be afraid to a bring a blanket or a French Press for late night cramming. IMG_6079
  2. The Involvement Center in the MSC. This is on the first floor, near the Service Desk, which has SO many services that we all seem to overlook. They sell balloons, print all sorts of things, bind books, and much more. Find out here! The Involvement Center has lots of chairs and tables, great for group projects and studying. If you’re in an org, you’re encouraged to use the “Creation Station” in the back to design posters and display cases!  _MG_6089 copy
  3. The new booths at the library! The first floor has a new addition: decked-out booths. They are stocked with TVs, USB plug-ins, LOTS of outlets for laptops, and really cool light fixtures (I think they’re cool). The booths can hold roughly six people, so these are ideal for group projects, or for when you just need some space to take a break and watch Buzzfeed videos… _MG_6100 copy
  4. The balcony(s) in Heritage Hall. These are located outside the 2nd and 3rd floor lounges. Sure, the lounges are comfy, but for as long as we can, enjoy the fresh air before it becomes frigid. IMG_6097 copy
  5. The sunken lounge in Price Commons. Located in the center of the first floor of the Commons, South Campus’s main dining hall, this lounge has its busy hours and its dead hours. If you go to study in between meals, you’ll find it to be quite enjoyable, giving you the freedom to watch whatever channel you want on the widescreen TV or to keep the quiet. This summer I spent many hours in this lounge because I worked at the Commons and I would hang out here in between meal shifts. I may or may not have taken many naps on the brown couches… _MG_6112 copy



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