Menomonie Musts: EATERIES

Menomonie sits still in it’s patience for Fall semester to roll around, for all the new and returning students to stomp on its grounds again. The many local shoppes, big stores, and of course, all of the restaurants are waiting for school to begin, so they’re all preparing for the rush of September 6th: move in day (and the following month).

We’ve all been there, and we will all be there eventually.

This will be a continuous thread of posts that will help any Stoutie get the most out of this town while they’re here. If you’re reading this as an incoming freshman, this is a guide to Menomonie and it’s convenient locations to have fun, pick up essentials, and eat well. These places are near and dear to my heart, so please take my word for it! Stay tuned for those, but for now, here are my favorite….

Places to DINE

  1. The Log Jam. This is the best place to eat in Downtown, hands down. They have an excellent menu and an extensive amount of house-burgers. This is a great place to go after a long week of classes/exams to unwind and eat a Friday all-you-can-eat fish fry. It’s also a great joint to bring your parents to move in day or when they visit for a hearty meal worth the money. It’s located on Broadway St. right next to Dominos, across the street from the Administration Building (the place you’ll go to pay tuition.)
  2. The Acoustic. Super laid back atmosphere, always playing awesome music to accompany your study needs. Their cozy booths and chairs will be all you’ll need when you need to cram for that Biology test. Their “thing” is hoagies. They have the most delicious hoagies, topped with their secret house sauce (I worked there for a short period of time and not even I know what’s in it!). They also have vegetarian options and crazy good ice cream flavors. This place is also very wallet friendly for the college student. This is on the corner of Main St. and Broadway St.! IMG_6136
  3. The Raw Deal. This coffeeshop is my muse for days when I need ample amount of caffeine. Their coffee is delicious, especially their cold press (cold press with vanilla and cream is my go-to). The historic building shows off its beautiful brick walls and the two story café shows off the beautiful ceiling tiles. The various types of seating will always keep things afresh, but my favorite are the big tables that were made just for the coffeeshop. Study groups just became cool and caffeinated, am I right? I think so. This is on Broadway St, across the street from Bremer Bank.
  4. Last, but not least, The Blind Munchies Coffeehouse. This underground coffeehouse is exactly what the name says. A coffee-house. The furniture, the decorum, the everything shouts cozy and makes you feel at home, no matter where you’re from. Since it’s self serve until 4:30 Mon-Fri, it’s pretty chill most of the day, but when the baristas get there, they can whip you up the Munchies’ menu and amazing drinks. (Try the Pumpkin Spice Latte when they have it! It’s a secret recipe!) This is a great place to go in the morning for your fair-trade organic cup ‘a joe and a sweet pastry item, as well as in the afternoon for some focused study time. This hidden coffeehouse is underneath a church, so it’s fairly disguised, but don’t be afraid to just walk right in and relax! This is at 621 Wilson Ave, a block east of Burger King!

These are places I guarantee you will not be disappointed with! They always deliver excellent service and products. Stay tuned for more posts on how to prepare for the semester as well as for living in Menomonie!



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