Fresh(man) Wisdom with Lauren H.

Meet Lauren Hundley. She’s a freshman studying Art and Design and she really couldn’t be happier. Just look at the picture below. It’s now the end of her first year here at Stout, and she has learned a few things. And she’s going to grace us with her fresh wisdom, right here on our blog! Come along.


In three words, how would you describe your first year at Stout?

My first year at UW-Stout was grounding, eye-opening, and opportunistic.


What’s your favorite leisurely activity?

Making art and exploring on my own time.

What’s your favorite thing about Stout so far?

Free laptops and books!

What do you know now that you wish you would have known before you started college?

I wish I would have known the cost of art supplies before my freshman year. Budgeting is extremely important once you know those figures. Even if you come into the year confident about where you are financially, you can be surprised by the costs of being an art and design major.


As a freshman, every art student must participate in Fashion Without Fabric, a class project fashion show, where everyone must create an outfit made of anything but, you guessed it, FABRIC.

Where would you recommend students go if they need to take a break?

If you need a break from the pandemonium, pack a lunch and go bike on the red cedar. CONTEMPLATE LIFE.

Any advice for incoming freshman? Regrets you have that they could avoid?

1. Try not to set yourself apart. Everyone’s in the same boat.

2. Commit to your studies- your classes come with a hefty price tag, and you shouldn’t waste that away. You’re here to prove what impassions you, so put your heart into everything you do and try not to get sucked into the wrong things. Have fun, but understand the bigger picture.

3. Forge positive relationships with your professors. They have oodles of knowledge and are working professionals who know what the heck they’re talking about. So use them as a resource.

4. BONUS: If you see a UFO, contact the police immediately.


See ya next week with the last installment of all things wisdom from Stouties. How many times can I change the name of this series?!




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