A Day in the Life….

of ME! Rachel, your own personal assistant as a Stout student. I will try my best to guide you guys through your college career (because it seriously is a career), and this week I took all of Stout Admission’s Instagram followers on a journey. A journey that could never be repeated, except in our memories and hearts. And on the Instagram account. On Tuesday, April 12th, I documented parts of my day in chronological order to show you an average day for me. Disclaimer: I’m probably the worst person to take a random day from and call it “average.” I seriously do something different every day, except for classes. So. With that said, onward!

No one tried to guess. It was taken on the third floor of Voc Rehab.

This weather has been so rad. If all year would be mid-60s and sunny, I’d never leave here. I like it a lot though. Maybe I’ll stay even if the winters last 7 years.

If y’all feel me on this one, give me a holler because I miss Harvey Hall so much. I’ll be graduated before it opens again, but I’m excited to see it once it’s done either way. I have all my English classes in Callahan, a dorm now used for offices and a couple classrooms. All of the Humanities and Social Science professors are hosted in JTC because Harvey is closed.

I basically live at the library. This is a place I am often, but usually at different times every day. Usually Friday afternoons and nights.

Made dinner for myself, and then enjoyed a nice evening by reading outside on my porch.

I will do this again in the future! Hopefully on a day where something really cool happens.

I’m open to any ideas that you guys might have! Let me know of events or places that I could explore!
Have a great weekend, all!



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