An Ode to The Weekly Dollar Deal in the Skylight Market

Dear Weekly Dollar Deal in the Skylight Market,

I write this letter to you to express my explicit admiration for you. I can’t believe the whole town of Menomonie doesn’t flock to your presence every hour. Whether you are a Grilled Cheese, Potatoes Deluxe, or a Chicken Snack Wrap, you steal my heart all over again once Monday rolls around, announcing your renewed deliciousness. I might order two, or maybe even three, as I ponder your beautiful price and succulency.



You’re like a magician, casting spells on me and my friends to order as many as our campus job paychecks can afford. I hope that one day every Stoutie will look up at Blue Devil Grill’s menu screen and be thankful for this institution that treats us so well. My Weekly Dollar Deals are always served with a smile on the side, and a masterpiece as the main dish. I couldn’t be happier when they hand me that compostable wrapping or boat that wants me to unravel the mystery that is just one dollar away.



I want to thank you for understanding me so well, understanding all of us college students. We don’t always have 5 dollars, but we almost always have at least one dollar (plus tax). We will never go hungry because of you. You are my hero, Weekly Dollar Deal. You’re the best.




If you don’t know about the Weekly Dollar Deal in the Skylight Market in the MSC, you mustn’t hesitate. Go, run free to your delicious, radiant one dollar destiny.

Thank you to my roommate Abby for being in the photos!


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