Walk the Virtual Hallways of Harvey Hall

On Thursday, March 26th, a presentation and play-test was given for “Harvey,” a research-based video game created by Stout students.

I interviewed Senior Matt Ferrara, a Game Design and Development major, with an Art concentration (opposed to programming) about the project. He’s the Lead Game Engine Designer of Harvey.


Harvey is an interactive and educational game created by three different classes from three different majors. The 3D-III, Digital Cinematography, and Digital Humanities capstone course all collaborated to create this extravagant and extensive game. The project is in its second semester and is being worked on by over 45 students, according to it’s very own WordPress blog! Check it out for AWESOME captions from the game and some history of Harvey Hall!


Players can time travel through the halls of Harvey from its opening in 1916 until the 1970s. You can “meet” different people who worked in the building, venture into rooms like the Tea Room (which is rumored to be coming back to Harvey!) and President’s Room.


The project is being made in celebration of Harvey’s centennial landmark next year. Harvey is under construction now until Fall of 2016, but the game will be available to download and play by the end of this May on the Stout website.


As of right now, they are about 2/3 done before being able to launch it.


Keep up with Harvey by linking to their various social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress.

Were you able to spot Chancellor Bob playing the game?!



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