How To Dress Like An Onion Pt. 3

It’s February, and the average temperature is about 10 degrees (not counting wind chill). Students are huddling up to the fireplace in the MSC for warmth, students and faculty are fervently discussing the budget cuts, and Stout events are at an all time high. I attended a poetry reading last Thursday with Michael Bazzett in the library, and it was splendid. Stout continues to provide quality activities for us, and I’m excited to show you guys all Stout has to offer.

Some posts coming up will be student testimonies, more entertainment reviews, and things to do in the community!

But lets get to it… Everything must come to an end. Endings are not always a bad thing. Sometimes, they can be seen through a lens crafted with excitement for what else is to come. With that said, some things are bound to come to an end…

This is the last post in my winter fashion series. Remember to come back to these when you need tips on how to stay warm.

This is Jenae. She’s a Junior studying Graphic Design.


She’s rocking the dress-coat. That’s what I call them. They’re super functional and if you’re a girl, you don’t have to worry about your legs turning into icicles every time you wear a dress. Or, just, ever. Wrapped around her neck is a bulky infinity scarf. Can also be used as a pillow for those days when you get to class early and want to take a power nap. For shoes, she went with a fashion-forward choice: moccasins. These can be warm if you remember to get them waterproofed. Or else you will pay the consequences of wet-foot.


Jenae poses for phase 2 of her winter wardrobe, shedding the scarf. If you think you’re going to be able to wear that thick scarf all day, think again. Unless you are perpetually cold, you’re going to get toasty. From the popular Disney film, Frozen, says, “let it go.”



Jenae has now shed all of her gear. See that sweater? It’s a men’s. pair it up with a body-con skirt and tights, and you’re comfy, agile, and WARM. There’s a great Goodwill in town, but there’s also a HUGE Savers in Eau Claire where you all can buy a new winter coat, sweater, or even boots.






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