Are You Brave Enough?: A Quiz

One of the most courageous things any ordinary student can do is sign up for Open Mic. Blue Devil Productions puts on a lot of cool entertainment for us students, but for open mic…we put on the show. I went to open mic on Feb. 19th and it was awesome. It was the first one of the semester, so it wasn’t very long, but that’s because, maybe, some people were too timid to sign up. And that’s why I’m writing this post. Now, lets get some things straight before we go on.

  1. I have never done open mic.
  2. I would like to…some day.
  3. Am I brave enough?
  4. I don’t know.
  5. Maybe. I’m taking this quiz as much as you guys are.

Okay. Now that we all know my perspective, I’m going to try and help you guys figure out if you should sign up for open mic when the time arises. Lets begin…


1. Do you have stage fright? If so, remember that most people do. Scientific studies have proved that the way we overcome or fears is to face them. Everyone that comes to open mic comes for a fun time to hear people sing, whether it’s “good” or “bad.” If people encourage you to sign up for whatever talent you have, that most likely means you’d do great and you have people to back you up.


2. Do you like to sing, write poetry or jokes, play piano/guitar/flute/tuba/harp/etc.? SHOW OFF! The only way we’re all going to get better at our hobbies (or maybe even careers) is to practice, not just in private, but in public. Be open to messing up a little. Everyone does it. This is a chill environment where encouragement is genuine.


3. Do you like to take risks? BE BOLD! Do it! Do itttttttt! You’ve got nothing to lose. This is an easy way to step out of our comfort zones and into the spotlight.


4. Have you ever signed up for open mic? You know what to do. And you should be encouraging others to do it if you see potential in them as well!


5. Are you trying to be braver in these four years? This is the perfect time for you to put on your cape and take a leap. You only have to do it once, but I know for a fact it will give you a rush, and maybe lead you to audition for the fall play or spring musical! Or join a club! Throw the dice and see what happens.


The way we’re grading this is if you said yes or no to any of these questions, your final grade is


But first, you must attend one to feel out the scene. I get it.

The next open mic is on March 12th, 7pm for sign up, and 8pm for the show.

Here’s Blue Devil Production’s website to keep up all their events!



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