Dream Junkies @ UW Stout

Stout’s student orgs are always up to something cool. Last night, Cru hosted a concert presenting Dream Junkies, a collective of three hip-hop aficionados who thrive off inspiring their listeners. I went to the concert with my friend Hannah, but you know you’ll always run into other people you know because Stout is smaller than you think. In a good way, trust me.

First on was Beleaf. Here’s his Facebook if you’d like to check him out.





Second was John Givez. Click to check him out.





Third was Ruslan. Clickity click click.



He free-styled about things we had in our pockets. Can’t say I wasn’t impressed!



*drum roll* DREAM JUNKIES.





If you want to stay busy, but have fun in the process…make sure to check the Campus Life Today emails every day! Daily and weekly events on campus including concerts, club meetings, fundraisers, etc. will be in those emails.

Next event: Open Mic on Thursday, Feb. 19th @ 8pm in the MSC. 



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