How to Dress Like An Onion Pt. 1

It’s cold. Duh.

We all know this, mostly from all of the Tweets and Facebook statuses politely informing us of the current weather conditions. Why do we like talking about the weather so much?! Anyway…these below zero temps teach us a valuable lesson, or at least show us we need to learn one. And that lesson is how to dress like an onion.

YES! An onion! In layers.

We all know how Randy felt when the mom dressed him up TOO much for the tundra outside. We’ve all been there. And I have news…we must return.

I’ll show you how some students have adapted to the “polar vortex” conditions in this small Midwest city. This will be in 3 parts, since I got three people to peel back their layers and show off their winter attire.

This is Christine. She’s a Junior studying Food Science. 


Don’t let her laid back appeal fool you. She knows how to dress for the freshly-showered-hair freezing weather. Her instincts of wit and stealth keep her warm…or wait. I think I’m just obsessed with her wolf shirt. But I’m also serious. Lets see how Christine wears her layers. Click on the pictures for commentary.

Stay tuned for the next edition of How to Dress Like An Onion!



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