5 Free Apps Every Stoutie Needs

I have an iPhone. I love my phone. Lets be real, it’s the first thing we look at before we get out of bed. We check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ESPN, etc. We live in a very tech-y age, and because I (try my hardest to) believe in productivity, I think a post like this is in order. Some apps are hit or miss, but I’ve found some awesome ones to help you out throughout your years at Stout. Lets get to it.

1. The first app is called Sunrise. It’s a calendar app that will keep you in line during busy weeks or during those two months you’ve been assigned to a group project. I use this religiously and the design is nice, too. Here’s what it looks like:

2. The UW-Stout app! Every Stout student or faculty should have this puppy downloaded. You can view a mobile version of D2L, track the bus on the rainy or snowy days, look up a classmate or professor in the directory, sign in & out of your on-campus job on My UW, pay tuition, find library information, and much more. I pity the fool who doesn’t have this app.

3. HigherOne app. This is like your Wells Fargo or Westconsin Credit Union app, but for the “StoutOne” account you have on your Stout ID. You can easily navigate the site and see what you spend on any given day with it’s daily tracker or you can view your purchases all in one list. I use it all the time because my parents send me money and my on-campus job direct deposits my paychecks onto it.


4. Wunderlist is a to-do app that never lets me forget what I need for groceries, my work schedule, simple reminders, and basically everything else. I forget A LOT. You probably do too since you’re either nervous about that mega-plant test for Bio-141, missing the Stout bus from North Campus to South, or upset that you forgot your StoutOne card on your futon and you already have a tray full of food at Price Commons. You can assign the app to remind you of things at certain times, so don’t fret. You will have your calculator for that math final. (I went to my math final two years ago without my calculator. I had to borrow one from the tutor center. It was a scarring experience.)

5. Last, but not least, Outlook email. Sometimes I wish Stout just had Gmail as an email provider, but I’ll just continue to dream. BUT, that is why this app exists, for the ones who use Outlook, which encompasses everyone at Stout. You’ll need this for answering group project emails and messages from your professors when your laptop dies.


All of these apps have seriously made a difference in how I organize and schedule my time as a college student. I know it’s hard being on our own with no one to remind us of chores and simple things. But this is the exciting part! We can use the piece of metal glued to our hands to help us be more reliable, time-savvy, and organized people. Cheers to that!



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