5 Things To Do While You’re Here Over Winterm

This winter had a slow start, but now it is in full bloom..or blizzard. I don’t always mind feeling like I’m living inside of a snow globe on a shelf in Michael’s craft store, but I really don’t like having to drive in the snow or even bother shoveling (don’t take living on campus for granted!). It also doesn’t help that you might be here in Menomonie for Winterm courses. But….I am here to your rescue, keeping you sane, and giving you worthy ideas for an enjoyable January.


1. Do a coffee crawl. There are a few coffee shops in town that deserve your attention. My favorite is The Blind Munchies Coffeehouse (621 Wilson Ave.) It’s located in the basement of a church in town. Its eclectic interior design, including rustic signs covering the walls, hanging plants, incense burning, and comfy couches will give you a quiet and cozy afternoon for studying or hanging out with friends. It’s self-serve until 4:30pm, so stop by for some Fair Trade coffee, and bakery, or stick around until after 5pm for dinner. I like the Chipotle Roast Beef sandwich and Tomato Basil Soup! My other favorite coffee bars are The Raw Deal, Legacy Chocolates, and The Acoustic Café.

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2. The Menomonie Library. I know, I know. It’s a library. Trust me! It’s quite fun once you get there. There are what seems like TONS of movies you can rent, and since the dorm desks are only open for a limited time during the day, you’re going to need more options for DVDs, plus you get these for a whole week! It has big windows along the east side of the building facing Lake Menomin, which makes you feel like you’re in some sort of cabin-house in the midst of a winter wonderland. Bring in a thermos of hot chocolate and a mug, your laptop and textbook, and you’re set for a relaxing day of homework or leisure. (P.S. The Stout library is also open during select hours, and you can rent movies and hang out there, too!) (600 Wolske Bay Road, Menomonie, WI)

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3. Antique shopping. I know you have all seen the various antique stores downtown. But have you gone in them?! Reasons why they will rock your world: Awesome vintage shirts, ranging from the 50’s to the 90’s. Everyone likes a good vintage Space Jam t-shirt or a paisley button up. Lots and lots of vinyl records. If you don’t have a record player, you can decorate your dorm room walls with them using Loctite Fun-Tak, the vinyl or the sleeves! All the mugs. Need to find a quick, cheap, but unique gift? Everyone likes mugs! I drink most all of my liquids out of mugs. Jewelry. Enough said. (All pictures are from Town & Country Antiques on Main St.)

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4. Tuesday movies. The CEC Movie theatre in town is a beautiful thing. It has $5 showings on Tuesdays. Just afternoon movies? Nope, ALL DAY SHOWINGS ARE ONLY FIVE DOLLARS! Take your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend for a cheap date, but with no shame. Now you can afford that large popcorn and soda. (2521 Hwy 25 N, Menomonie, WI)

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5. Take some time for yourself, too! Take a walk (dress accordingly) with some friends and build a snow fort in the mounds of snow around town. I’ve done this before and it’s very rewarding! Take a walk on lake Menomin or find someone who ice fishes and join them. Try something new before school starts. Life is too short to waste it all inside your dorm room or bedroom!



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