Family Weekend

This past weekend here at Stout was “Family Weekend” and every year it is a great time for students of all years and majors to showcase to the members of their family what they actually do here. This past weekend is a really great time if you are freshmen to reassure to your family that you made a smooth transition and are enjoying your time here at Stout. It is also kind of fun to give tours to family members and have stories associated with locations on campus. Remember when you first arrived and you had no idea where anything was? Well now you know where everything is and you can’t believe you and your parents ever felt over-whelmed on walking around campus. Family Weekend is also another great time to take your parents to some of your favorite spots and businesses on and off of campus. Whenever my parents come for a visit I make sure to take them to Log Jam, they have the most amazing burgers. Maybe getting food is not your idea of a good time, well do not worry Stout has a vast variety of different activities going on all throughout campus as different times all weekend. Saturday night was the big Fashion Without Fabrics fashion show. Where a variety of design students had to create a unique look of their own using materials that is not made out of fabric; it is like Project Runway came to Stout. Local business usually have deals during this past weekend too, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for next year! If you and your family consists more of nature lovers then a trip to the Devils Punch Bowl is always a great decision. There is plenty to do on family weekend and parents really love coming to visit, it lets them see a different side of you but also the campus as well.

My family was not able to make it this past weekend but in honor of them I chose to set the featured blog post image to one I drew when I was eight years-old. Not a lot has changed from this picture…I mean I can spell a whole lot better & I still like going to school but I still can’t draw!

If you are interested in discovering more activities that are took place this past weekend make sure to head to the Family Weekend page:


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