The importance of getting it together

My first week back from spring break has been a hectic one to say the least. Over spring break I started developing my portfolio, (I know that not all majors need one, but for those of you who do, read up) because believe it or not I only have six weeks left as an undergraduate student. That means it is time to settle down and find myself a job. I spent all of my spring break working on my portfolio and trust me, it was not a fun time. This post is not meant to discourage you from making one. This post is to encourage you to start making one the first day you become an undergraduate. You are probably feeling like that seems a little extreme since you will not have anything to show from your first year of school. Well maybe you will, maybe you won’t. The sooner you start the easier it is to update it and organize it as the years go on.

I started from the very beginning and I had to go through four years of work to find artifacts that I felt really displayed my talent as a writer and what I have learned while being enrolled here at Stout. Luckily for me, the Stoutonia has all my articles I have ever written archived on their website but that does not mean it was an easy task. I spent my last spring break continuously working on my portfolio, when I should have been relaxing and figuring out a plan for after college. Now my portfolio is published and that job application is submitted and taken care of. Yet I am left with the feeling that I could have done a better job on it if I did not wait until the very last moment to get it all done. Maybe if I would have started my first day of classes I would have an even better looking portfolio and my final spring break would have been spent somewhere without needing a outlet by me at all times. But if that happened this post would not exist and you could have made the same mistake I did. So when your professors tell you to make a portfolio, they are not doing it just to be mean, they actually want their students to succeed and they know how much time and effort goes into making one. I found a great site that was very user friendly and it was free to publish. All I am saying is that you think four years is a long time until you are about to graduate and you realize you do not know where all that time went.

In case you were wondering I went with the website Weebly. It is really user friendly & I am really happy with how my portfolio turned out.


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