A Piece of Advice on Student Organizations: Join One.

I think the one piece of advice I heard over and over before I left for my freshmen year at Stout, was “You need to make sure you join a lot of student organizations. It will help you meet new people and it will make you not be so homesick.” First off, that was coming from my parents, who never attended a post-secondary institution, so you must believe I was skeptical receiving that advice from them. Yet, there is a lot of truth in that advice. Stout offers a variety of student run organizations that cater to your major, or just some that may spark your interest. One of the organizations I am personally involved in here at Stout is the Stoutonia. The Stoutonia is a student run newspaper on campus, and new issues are published bi-weekly. March marks the start of the 100th year of the Stoutonia as a student organization on campus. The Stoutonia kicked off this monumental event by holding the Stoutonia Pa100za! This event had all the things that college kids love: free food, two live bands (The Griswold and Farewell Continental), and lots of free things! Being apart of Stoutonia has not only helped out my resume, which was looking very non-existent before I came to college, but I also gained the necessary experience to find develop and find my voice as a writer. Even though I do not want to tell my parents they were right, they were. I am really glad I did join a student organization because I have met some very talented students who have the same goals and interests as I do. I also got to take part in celebrating the Stoutonia, and knowing that I gave something back to the Stout, that has already given so much to me. Also, who does not love getting recognized for their work? I still get a little giddy whenever I see my name under my published articles. So when your parents are telling you to join student organizations and get involved, do not roll your eyes and mutter under your breath “what do you know?” I hate to break it to you, but your parents actual are quite wise and if that is the only piece of advice you take from them, I think you will find yourself enjoying your time here at Stout that much more.

For more information regarding the Stoutonia make sure to check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/stoutonia

For more information regarding other student organizations on campus make sure to check out: http://studentorgs.uwstout.edu/


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