Come See Willy Wonka!


February 21st marks the 55th anniversary for the Menomonie Theater Guild and in honoring of reaching that sweet milestone they are putting on their very own adaptation of the Roald Dahh’s beloved story, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Dahl’s classic story of a young boy named Charlie Buckets who discovers he has one of the coveted Golden Tickets inside his Wonka Chocolate Bar, which allows him to not only meet the elusive candy-maker, Willy Wonka, but a chance to receive a tour inside the magical chocolate factory. This timeless story has been made into two film adaptations, starring Gene Wilder and most recently Johnny Depp.  It is also rumored to soon become a Broadway play, meaning this could be your last chance to see a play like this performed on a local stage near you! The MTG is very excited to present this play to you and hopes you will purchase your every own golden ticket to get a glimpse inside the magical factory that is Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  All plays are held at the Mabel Tainter Memorial Building and offers spacious seating with an inviting atmosphere; an experience you will truly enjoy.

For more information check out Menomonie Theater Guilds website


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