Two Months Down

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Classes have now been in session for two months…where has the time gone?? On one hand it has flown by, the holidays are approaching, we’ve registered for spring classes (crazy!) but then, it’s only been two months; the new friends you’ve made, the groups you’re involved in, the professional connections and jobs you have: you’re only two months in. Crazy. Hopefully though, these two moths have been good ones for all of you! I know they have been for me. My classes have been challenging, but the good kind: I’ve learned so much! And the friends I’ve made in my building, through different organizations, as well as the fall play I know will be with me forever. We’re all out of that “new freshman”, confused stage and are starting to come into ourselves more and more. I do miss my family and friends back home, but the independence, responsibility, and freedom college has given me has already helped me grow personally.  A lot has happened in the past two months; countless campus events and activities, a fantastic Homecoming week, the Career Conference, registration for spring semester…the list goes on. With all of these extra events, along with our fabulous variety of student organizations, I hope all of you are able to get yourself out there and enjoy them. These will be four of the most important, fun,   stressful, exciting, busy years of our lives: enjoy them.


new college friends


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