UW-Stout Children’s Art Club


Tuesday nights spent in 103 Heritage Hall are my absolute favorite because I get to work with my friends and fellow classmates to teach children ages 4-12 how to become the best artists they can be. Through the UW-Stout Children’s Art Club, (coordinated by Khendra Johnson) Art Education majors have the opportunity to expand on their teaching skills, become more comfortable in a classroom setting, try out their lesson plans on real children from the community, and be reflective practitioners. A vast majority of the children we work with are home schooled, but some simply come for additional art time. This year’s theme is Art Around the World, and every child receives a passport with the sticker of the region/country they learned about.  Last week’s continent Africa, was very popular. Image

Before class begins, children who arrive a bit early have an opportunity to work on fun, and often times art related reading activities set up by Katherine Kenner in an effort to support literacy. Just being around kids more is a very valuable thing for any prospective education major. As adults, sometimes we forget how to behave around children, or how to think as a child thinks. In other words, it is easy to lose touch with your inner child. By being around these children on a regular basis, we re-gain so much knowledge. It is also important for an art educator to understand artistic stages of development, and how a child develops as an artist. By understanding how a child grows, we can help them develop artistically. Every child is an artist, and deserves a good art education. I am proud to say the UW-Stout is a fabulous university for this major, and that our students provide such a wonderful club for children in our community.


Amanda teaching an introductory lesson.


Our passports for this years theme!


Mustache day in honor of surrealist Salvador Dalí



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