Menomonie, My New Home

new meghanFotoFlexer_Photo

You know that little knot you get in the pit of your stomach when you’re nervous and excited at the same time? I have felt this feeling many times, but never more than when I moved in to my new home for the next four years: UW-Stout. I was incredibly excited to start my new adventure in this new place that would provide me with the materials to pursue my dreams and spread my wings, as well as introduce me to many new, amazing people. However, it was all this “new-ness” that had me a little apprehensive; what if the work is to hard? What if I get lost? What if I don’t make friends? Once I moved in though, all of these “what if’s” were quickly put at ease.

Everyone I passed in the halls or on the streets greeted me with a smile and a hello, and R.A.’s, other campus workers, and my floor mates were always popping in to my room to introduce themselves and check on me. The first few days were filled with meetings and information sessions about all of the interesting aspects of Stout, as well as fun activities at night that brought the entire student body together; the Blue Rah, comedians, and the Backyard Bash were my favorites. I have now been in classes for a week, and I love them all! Although I’m not always the most excited to get up for my one 8 a.m. class, all my professors are caring, helpful, and a wealth of knowledge in their field. I could not be more excited to be at UW-Stout, and I look forward to seeing what else this year has in store.

-Meghan Olson


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