Tips for Surviving this Week

I’m not sure which is higher–the stack of things I have to complete or the snow drifts outside. Spring break is right around the corner and a general restlessness has worked its way into the UW Stout student body. Don’t fret! There are ways to remedy those winter blues…at least enough to hold you off until spring break.

1.) Grab some tacos!


Menomonie, as strange as it may seem, has an abundance of Mexican restaurants. Ruling out Taco Bell and Taco John’s (both fine establishments, but I’m looking to help you out of your daily routine), we are left with Cancun and Los Cabos. Both totally delicious, both worth a try. I believe they each have different specials (and some great lunch deals). Make a spontaneous date with a friend and get something you normally wouldn’t! Sometimes a special dinner is all it takes to kick you out of a winter funk.

2.) Hit up the CKTO Sauna

If you have a few hours, take the time to relax in the CKTO sauna. Its located in the basement, and you can use it by calling the CKTO front desk and reserving it. Bring a boom box, radio, or a book and chill for a few hours. My favorite thing to do is warm up in the sauna and then run outside in the cold! Don’t forget to bring a water bottle so you can stay hydrated.

3.) Have an Impromptu Pool Party

UW Stout Pool

UW Stout Pool

If you’re having trouble keeping your eyes open like I am, maybe you need to get your heart pumping! Head down to the UW Stout pool for some lap swimming, a water aerobics class, or grab some friends and splash around for a bit. Its free with your student ID, and you can check out the website for more information and pool hours.

4.) Seek out a little Adventure

Stout Adventures

Stout Adventures

Stout Adventures is a great place to challenge yourself and do something out of your routine. Its only $5 with your student ID for a try climb, and this includes all the gear you’ll need! If you’ve never been climbing before, check out my previous post on the subject. Work up a sweat and climb off some stress! More information on times and pricing here. 

5.) Change up your routine

Each day this week, I challenge you to do something outside of your routine. It can be small, like taking a different route to class, or a bit  bigger, like renting gear from Stout Adventures and going cross country skiing on Lake Menomin. Go sledding. Try a new restaurant. Go play raquet ball in the UREC with friend you don’t normally get to see. Try a new coffeehouse like the Blind Munchies Coffeehouse, or the Golden Leaf Cafe. Take a step outside of your comfort zone for some much-needed excitement!

Spring break starts FRIDAY (hallelujah!). So all you have to do is make it through the week. However, if you’re not planning on getting out of the state, don’t worry! You can always go on a few day adventures to alleviate the stress of a continual routine. Also, I would check out Chaos water park in Eau Claire…its only $12 for a full day pass! HAVE FUN AND STAY SAFE OVER BREAK!


One thought on “Tips for Surviving this Week

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