Video Production Class

Shortly after I decided to take on my applied photography minor, I looked into investing in a DLSR camera. I ended up choosing a Canon 60D, after a couple of weeks of researching options with my dad. One of the qualities that had stood out to him was the video capabilities the camera came with.  This didn’t mean a whole lot to me at the time, as I was pretty new to having a camera that nice, and learning how to shoot with proper exposure, ISO, and aperture settings was enough  for me to think about. However, looking back, I’m glad my dad had the wisdom to look ahead. In our world that is becoming more technologically advanced by the day, it seems like everyone is a photographer, cameras ranging from iPhones to top notch DLSR cameras. Experimenting with video is a great way to enrich a portfolio, further areas of expertise, and expand creative capabilities. On top of that, it sets you apart from the mass of photographers out there. Realizing this, I began to dabble with my 60D’s video capabilities and was pretty happy with the results. This semester, I am taking my first video class that will satisfy some credits for my photography minor.

Our first project was to create a music driven short from 30 sec-1 min. Usually when I make a video, an idea will find its way into my brain, I get really excited, grab my camera, and go. However, our professor was kind enough to point out the flaws in this mindset. He challenged us to appropriate amounts of time in all areas of video development: pre-production, productions, and post production. It was rewarding to see my vision turn out exactly how I wanted to after hours of developing a story board, shot list, and overview! Editing took me only a fraction of the time it normally does as well with all of the planning work done properly.

Have you ever been able to talk to someone over texting or facebook chat, but then you see them in person and its super awkward? Yeah, me too. So, I made a video about it!

Click on the screen shot below to watch it– its really short (only a minute).

Check it out!

Check back for more work from this class! I’m excited to see how the other projects turn out. 


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