#shareyourexperience #uwstout #instagram

See our university the way we see it; by students for students! The MSC (Memorial Student Center) is currently hosting a photo contest as well. Take a photo of your favorite thing about the MSC, and tag it #msctakeapic for a chance to win an iPad. If you come to UW Stout on a tour, tag it #uwstoutvisit. ANYTHING ELSE Stout related, tag your photo #uwstout so we can see our campus the way you see it. Here are some examples of what students have already posted:


Photo Credit: Stout student Toni Hall


Photo Credit: Stout Student Liz Schultz


Photo Credit: Stout Student Toni Hall


Photo Credit: Stout Student Liz Schultz


Photo Credit: Stout Student Toni Hall

17170042301119573_7i1eIZAs_c 17170042301119576_9IY88sgf_c








Got great photos to add to these? Tag your photos on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media! If they are of the MSC, tag them as #msctakeapic to win an iPad mini, #uwstoutvisit if you’re thinking of attending college here, or #uwstout for everything else.

Check out this video for more info on the MSC photo competition:


To see more photos, search for us on instagram or follow us on pinterest.

If you have any other cool photos of UW Stout, check out their facebook page to see how you can get them online!


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