Baby, Its COLD outside…

Like really cold. We’re talking so cold that could could get frostbite if you’re out there for more than 10-15 minutes. So, what does this mean for us Stouties? BUNDLE UP AND STAY WARM! As usual, I’ve got some suggestions of how you could go about doing so.


  1. Stay INSIDE as much as possible…

Campus hot spots: Jarvis third floor lounge on the west side of the building is TOASTY. If you need to study, you head over there for a couple of hours. Its hands down my favorite winter study spot. Also, the fireplace in the upper floor of the MSC is a wonderful place to warm up by with a cup of cocoa from Brew Devils. The MSC is also open until midnight, so if you have a long night of studying and a cold house I would recommend camping out there for a bit. Finally, the fifth floor of the library is warm as well and a great quiet spot to plan out your first few weeks of the brand new.

MSC, memorial student center, inside, fireside cafe, fireplace,



Sauna Sizzle: If you have a few hours, take the time to relax in the CKTO sauna. Its located in the basement, and you can use it by calling the CKTO front desk and reserving it. Bring a boom box, radio, or a book and chill for a few hours. My favorite thing to do is warm up in the sauna and then run outside in the cold! Don’t forget to bring a water bottle so you can stay hydrated.

Scrumptious Belly-Warmers: Menomonie has great cafes to warm up in. For food, I would recommend an Acoustic hoagie and cup of soup. After that, cross the street for a great cup o’ joe from Legacy Chocolates. Both of these shops are great to study in as well!

The Acoustic Cafe

The Acoustic Cafe: Remember when it was SUMMER OUTSIDE!?

Legacy Chocolates

Legacy Chocolates

  1. If you must venture OUTSIDE…

Bundle UP. I’m pretty stubborn about dressing appropriately for cold, but there are no excuses this week. Cover fingers, ears, and your face as best you can! Wear warm socks and boots, but make sure that you can still wiggle your toes in them (tight shoes = cold feet leading to potential frostbite). Also, dress in layers. Start with a TIGHT synthetic undershirt/tank top and leggings and build from there. Wool/acrylic sweaters are a great layering pieces as well. If you’re super cold, run to Fleet Farm and grab a pair of flannel lined jeans (best investment EVER).

Before you leave you house (or for you lucky dogs that live on campus, before you leave your toasty dorm) plan your route to class. Seriously. Even if its going to make your commute a bit longer, are there any buildings you can cut through? If your venturing up to Harvey hall, cut through Vocational Rehabilitation and then through the Fryklund or Communication Technology building. If you’re coming to campus from Southern Menomonie (by the Menomonie high school) cut through Applied Arts and Jarvis.

Take the Bus.  Stout has two buses running daily. One goes from North to South campus, and the other rides to walmart from the campus. Stout also has a bus tracker app for your smart phone. This helps you see where the bus is at ANY time to plan your trip!


Good luck






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