$6 Custom Spoon Rings on Mainstreet!


If you’ve been seeing all the spoon rings on Etsy and Pinterst lately like I have, you may have tried to make one of your own. Full disclosure: TUTORIALS ARE HARD. Especially for spoon ring making. Fortunately, I have a solution. La Dee Dah, a super cute gift store on mainstreet in downtown Menomonie that makes custom spoon rings for only $6! I had heard about it through the grapevine and wanted to go for a long time. Finally, last week my roommates and I decided to make an outing of it. We got coffee at Caribou, picked out spoons at Goodwill, and then headed to the shops on mainstreet!



La Dee Dah also has a wide selection of really cute gifts and already made rings for you Christmas shopping pleasure. If you’re looking to have a spoon ring of your own, just pick out a spoon, bring it into the shop, and tell one of the workers that you’d like to have a ring made! They will take down your size (if you don’t know your ring size, slip a strip of paper around your finger and mark your size) and your contact information. When your ring is done they will call you and you can come pick it up.


SO CUTE!! And only $6! I was very pleased and impressed with the outcome of my ring.



These rings are great for guys too. Just pick out a spoon that doesn’t have a frilly handle and there you go! Bam. Excellent Christmas present. Stop into La Dee Dah and check it out!


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