Major Feature: Supply Chain Management

After choosing a college, the next big step is picking a major, or selecting what field of study you will dedicate your college career to. UW Stout is known for its specialized practical major programs that help students pinpoint their strengths, build professional skills, and (most importantly) nab a great career right out of school. 98% of Stout students find employment immediately after graduation, and some even find jobs before then.

What if you posses a natural skill set and ability that makes you a prime candidate for a certain career, but you didn’t even know it existed?

To help with your search of finding your dream career, I will be exploring some of UW Stout’s specialized majors over the course of this year that you may be perfect for, but never even thought of. The first major we’re going to take a look at, is Supply Chain Management.

Fast Facts:

What is SCM? Supply chain management is the branch of management that oversees the flow of products and information from the lowest level supplier through to the end customer.

What would I be learning? 

  • Skills for finding the resource that will give your company the best return on investment
  • The ability to predict and prevent inefficiencies
  • Knowledge of innovative supply chain processes
  • Customer service skills to enhance experience and form strong relationships
  • Analytical techniques for assuring quality and delivery performance
  • Strategies for minimizing total costs of goods and services

See what some SCM students have to say about their major!

Matt Windom, SCM Major

Matt Windom, SCM Major

What do you have to be good at to be good at supply chain management? 
“You need to have a passion for analyzing situations and finding ways to improve them.  It is good to be able to understand and work with numbers.  You need to be able to understand business processes and what makes them efficient.  Excel and PowerPoint are widely used tools to perform the analysis and then present the results.”
What kind of jobs have other students taken on after graduation?
“The field of Supply Chain Management is very wide ranging considering the number of functional areas it encompasses.  Typical roles include product planning, production supervisor, production control, materials analyst, sourcing analyst, and supply chain analyst.  These jobs involve varying degrees of knowledge and experience.”
What made you chose supply chain management?
“I had some experience in running a business and I got a chance to see firsthand the importance of having efficient management of the supply chain.  It is also a field that has emerged as one of the highest priorities in businesses today.  People don’t always realize that every company or business has some form of a supply chain.  Supply Chain Management is a discipline that has a direct impact on nearly every aspect of a company; the most important of which is the bottom line profits.”

Bonus Fact:

“There is a lot of money to be made in the Supply Chain Management field!!  You can make anywhere from $50,000 fresh out of college to $350,000+ in leadership or consulting positions.”

Sam Wieczorek, SCM Major

Sam Wieczorek, SCM Major

What made you chose supply chain management?
“I originally started out as an apparel major.  I quickly discovered that wasn’t the right path for me.  I then switched to business in which I had to take a product and operations management course.  This course led me to the decision of adding on the Supply Chain Management Major.  I love this major because what we learn in the classes can be applied to any business anywhere.  I also love the analytic thinking behind everything we do in the fast paced, ever changing industry.”
What sort of classes do you take in your major? 
Logistics, Procurement, Quality Tools, and Resource Planning and Materials Management are just a few of the classes.
Why is Supply Chain Management important?
Manufacturing plants have been moving back to the U.S. due to rising transportation and labor rates.  These changes, which are seen as a social victory by adding jobs to the U.S. economy, have been switching up supply chains across the globe.  The decision to move back requires a new route to receive raw materials, transporting those materials, manufacturing the good, and shipping the finished good to the warehouse, retailer, or customer.
This is where supply chain management majors come in.  The analyzing of the different options and understanding everything in between the different nodes of the chain help determine the most economical or practical choice.  These choices are what can make or break a company.  While what we do is behind the scenes, the impact of our actions are global.  Making that big of an impact, is why I’m in this major.
You can also dig more into the program by visiting this website, or requesting more information here.
Stay tuned for more information on other majors!


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