Bus Tracker App

Need to get around Menomonie? No car or bike? No longer a problem. UW Stout and the Dunn County Transit system have teamed up to keep you mobile.

UW Stout Bus at the Library

UW Stout Bus at the Library

The North South bus runs from Walmart (North) to Bongey/21st Ave (South) with the UW Stout campus in the middle. The UW Stout bus runs from North to South campus, stopping at the UW Stout Library, the Clock Tower, and Red Cedar Hall. Fares are free with your student ID. 

The best bit of this new partnership between the university and local bus system is the bus tracker app. You can view the online one, or download it for your phone to make commutes easier than ever. This app shows you exactly where the bus is currently, where its going next, and how long it will take. Download and enjoy 🙂


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