Need a Little ADVENTURE?!

There’s plenty of adventure in Menomonie–you just have to look for it. My personal favorite place to get my adrenaline fix is the Stout Adventures rock wall. And guess what? ITS FREE WEEK!!! So you can head on down and try it out, no strings attached!

SA is located at the South end of the UREC (walk down past the health and fitness center)

SA is located at the South end of the UREC (walk down past the health and fitness center)

Rock climbing is an excellent full-body work out that will keep you from gaining that dreaded college weight, and help you stay active during the winter months ahead. If you have never gone rock climbing before and you’re nervous that you don’t know anything about it–DON’T SWEAT IT! The SA staff is exceptionally friendly and more than willing to explain anything that you could ever want to know about climbing. You can also read my post on rock climbing basics from last year.

Don't be scared!

Don’t be scared!

You'll make a couple of friends--I guarantee it.

You’ll make a couple of friends–I guarantee it.

No climbing gear? No idea what climbing gear even is? Once again–NO WORRIES! The Stout Adventures staff has got you covered. They will help you select a harness and climbing shoes that fit.

Climbing shoes

Climbing shoes

What to wear: I would recommend a breathable t-shirt that you’re comfortable sweating in that doesn’t show your belly when you lift your arms or move around, and pants that are close to your body. Girls–NO SHORT-SHORTS! With your harness on, they will ride up and be super uncomfortable for you while you’re climbing! Also, I’ve seen a lot of people just climb in their jeans as well.




You have until Friday to head down and try it out! Check SA out on Facebook, too.


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