Study Spots

We are officially a week away from the last day of actual classes! After that, we have another week of finals and the year is through. I would suggest taking a peek at the time and place your finals are scheduled for, and then begin to lay out a plan of when and where you will study (this always helps me). As far as study spots go, there are plenty of fun little niches on and off campus that will help you focus and enjoy yourself while hitting the books. 

The Porch at the Library

On the second floor, there is a porch located on the south east corner of the building. Typically it is open in the fall and spring, but sometimes you have to ask for the key at the front desk. Its a great alternative for being inside on a beautiful day, especially if you need books for a research paper.

The porch is right above the stairs that head to Heritage Hall

The porch is right above the stairs that head to Heritage Hall



Study Niche Under the Stairs 

An absolute favorite of mine. Snuggle up under the stairs for a fantastic study session. I have even brought my own blanket before…

Jarvis Hall Lounges 

Every floor of Jarvis has a few great places to study. My personal favorites are the big glass lounge on second floor (above) and the west-most lounge on the third floor. The glass lounge on the second floor is great for studying during the day due to the natural light, and the third floor lounge is best at night as it stays really warm and cozy. Make it into Jarvis anytime before 11PM and you will be free to safely study as long as you’d like. 

Second floor glass lounge

Second floor glass lounge

Other great place to study include:

  • Millennium Hall from 5PM-10PM (there’s virtually no one there and there is an awesome lounge on the second floor).
  • Practically anywhere in our beautifully remodeled MSC. Let’s not forget that it was specifically designed to provide us with more study room! The MSC is also open until at least midnight.
  • The Sunken Lounge in the Price Commons is cozy and comfortable–great for studying if you can keep from falling asleep.
  • Hit up a coffee shop in town. My favorite study spot is the Blind Munchies Cafe right down the street from Harvey Hall. Open until 9PM (except on Wednesday) and closed on Mondays. This is a great little cafe to do some afternoon studying in. I also love going to the Raw Deal (they have a cozy little lounge on the second floor that overlooks the shop).
  • Venture to the Menomonie Public Library. Its a nice change if you’re in the habit of constantly heading to Stout’s library. It overlooks Lake Menomonie and is open until 9PM most nights. An easy bike ride away from campus, or a walk if you live on North Campus.
  • Also, there is free breakfast on the 9th if you have baseline

Change up your study habits by choosing a new place to study every night! It keeps things interesting even while going over your less-than-thrilling classes. Remember to get enough sleep, not to over load on caffeine, and take breaks to stretch/exercise! Good luck, fellow Stouties.


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