Get Excited for Senior Show

Life as a UW Stout design student can be hectic. Innovative and thought-provoking projects call for endless hours in the Applied Arts building, and constant Kwik Trip runs to fill up on caffeine and sugar supplies in order to press on. Perspectives are altered, techniques are learned, and skills are refined after each class preparing these Stouties for their final assignment. This grand finale will demonstrate the student’s skills, interests, and set the stage to impress future employers.

Senior in Multimedia Design, Mel Halverson explains:

Senior Studio is a class where seniors in [an] art major work individually on semester long projects that are meant to showcase everything they have learned in their major. Seniors choose a project that will highlight their skills.

Mel working some bugs out

Mel working some bugs out

With so much riding on this one project, things can get a little stressful. Nevertheless, these relentless students strive for excellence and will accept nothing less. After pushing through creative road blocks, navigating around disorganization, and fighting off procrastination, these design majors move into the final stretch before their show on May 11th. 

Prototype for an urban garden

Senior in Graphic Design, Hailee Mierow, explains the general idea for her project:

Biolum is a sensor that detects impurities in water…it is a easy to use system where someone could look at the sensor when its glowing and tell that the water is unsafe to drink.

She went on to say that the most difficult part of the design process so far has been the constant revisions, but she is happy where her project is headed.

Hailee working hard on Bio Dome

Hailee working hard on Biolum

Senior in Graphic Design Susie Lepro is designing a a deaf interpretation program for younger students. She explained her favorite part of the experience so far:

I really liked the process of coming up with the idea…it was a huge blessing to be like ‘okay, I’m going to the Philippines [to teach for missions] at the end of the semester and I don’t want to focus on anything outside of that. What could I do that would be cool and me and different, and also would work with that?”

Suzie's logo for her education system: Soundless

Susie's logo for her education system: Soundless

There are good days and stressful days, but today was a good day for Suzie

There have been good days and stressful days, but today was a good day for Susie

Its pretty easy to get overwhelmed

Its pretty easy to get overwhelmed

but everyone seemed excited and optimistic

but everyone seemed excited and optimistic for the most part

Senior Show is definitely a Menomonie event that I look forward to every single year, and should not be missed. So, make note and don’t forget to drop by Applied Arts on May 11th to view all of Stout’s finest innovators and designers!