Birthday Freebies in Menom

Birthday food just tastes better when its free, and the businesses that qualify as my Menomonie favorites have a superb understanding of this. To keep track of all these birthday freebies, I have constructed an excellent plan to hit all of the best deals in town on your special day. Don’t worry, I tested it out myself this past week while celebrating my own birthday, and I can’t think of anyway my birthday could have been better. Go ahead and leave your wallet at home for an all-expenses-paid day, or bring it along to try a treat that you normally wouldn’t to support the businesses that make Menomonie the great place it is.

1.) Start your morning off with a free coffee from the Raw Deal 

 Treat yourself to a mouth-watering muffin to go with your coffee or a slice of one of their pies (my personal favorite is french silk). I know what you’re thinking “pie for breakfast??”. I will encourage you not to worry! Unlike boring normal pies and cakes, Raw Deal desserts are made with all healthy, organic, and typically gluten-free ingredients. Not to mention that most of the crusts are made up of nuts instead of flour, so you leave full and satisfied!

2.) Grab lunch at the Acoustic for a free 1/2 hoagie and drink

Throw in a bowl of soup (like their brand new Spinach Artichoke) for two bucks extra and you’ll be stuffed for sure. Make sure you save room for Legacy Chocolates afterwards!

Mmmm tuna hoagie...

Mmmm tuna hoagie...

NEW SOUP! Spinach artichoke

NEW SOUP! Spinach artichoke

3.) Top off lunch with a free truffle from Legacy Chocolates

If you have strategized accordingly at this point, you will have ordered a fountain drink from Acoustic so that you can enjoy an iced or steamy cup of java at Legacy Chocolates with your truffle. Or go for a specialty coffee drink!

For dinner, I personally would recommend Los Cabos or Cancun (both original Mexican restaurants). Nothing beats deep-friend ice cream and a group of waiters in sombreros wishing you a happy birthday to bring your day to a lovely conclusion.


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