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Recently in my Mass Communications class, we kept track of how much media we were using each week (Internet, movies, games, newspaper, etc.). The end results  showed that movies took up 8% of our time. This may not seem like a lot, but if you think about it, 8% comes out to be around 13 1/2 hours a week on average per student. Films have become a critical part of our modern lives, as they offer us insight for a tough situation or a much needed escape. Alfred Hitchcock observed that “[movies are] life with the dull bits cut out”. Granted, life in Menomonie can sometimes seem a little like a dull bit mid-February. So, here are all places you can go in town to peruse some excellent flicks. 

I’ll start with your on Campus Options:

Your friendly desk attendant

Your friendly desk attendant

1.) The Front Desk

Cost: FREE with your Student ID

For ultra convenient and free movie rentals, look no further than the front desk of your very own dorm. This was one of my favorite UW Stout features when I was a freshman and a sophomore. All-nighters sewing or sculpting can fly by when you have an endless supply of movies at your disposal, and the best part is that you don’t even have to put shoes on to get them. Every dorm has a binder full of different DVD’s. Don’t want to make the trip to the front desk in vain? Make sure your dorm has the movie you want–or find out what dorm does have it. Check out the DVD list on Stout’s Housing website. Scroll down to the bottom to check out a PDF of all the DVD’s (and all the new ones added monthly!).


2.) UW Stout’s Library

Cost: FREE with your Student ID

Have some time to kill in between classes? Make a stop at our Campus Library and browse the films on the 4th floor. You’d be surprised how many movies there are. Personally, I grab my favorite classics from here all the way from Citizen Kane to Pocahontas. Got a title in mind? Search for it in our database before you make the trip. The best part about renting from the library is that you get the movies for around two weeks and you can renew them online.


Check out their Website

Check out their Website

3.) BDP Movie Nights!

Cost: FREE with your Student ID

Almost every Friday, Blue Devil Productions host a nearly-new movie for students in Applied Arts 210. Its a great way to get out of your dorm and feel like you’re going to a movie, but without spending any money. Grab some friends, bring your own snacks, and plan on a night of convenient entertainment. Check out the schedule of  up-coming movies on their website!

Off Campus Options:

Family Video

Family Video

 4.) Family Video

Cost: FREE kids movies and documentaries, $1 for classics, favorites, etc., around $3 for new releases

Located on the east side of Menomonie by Lamer’s (9th street), Family Video is close to campus, has cheap rentals, and tasty snacks. Its also right by Papa Murphey’s and other restaurants, which makes Friday night take-out dates much more convenient (grab some chinese food and a movie and you’re all set). I also like how their movies are set up. The surrounding walls are all new releases (sorted alphabetically starting on the left hand side), and in the middle of the store is a section of all-time favorites, nearly new releases, classics, family, and kids videos. Most of the movies in the center sections are only $1 to rent! Check out their website. 

Red Box

Red Box

 5.) Red Box

Cost: $1 per movie for 24 hours

Just like every other city in America, Menomonie has a selection of Red Boxes. Two to be exact: one outside of Walgreens and one just inside the doors of WalMart. Rentals are only a dollar (if you return it in 24 hours…which I never ever accomplish) and the locations make it easy to pick up flicks on your weekly grocery run. Just don’t forget to return them on time or before you know it you’ll have paid $8 to rent the new Twilight film (I’m totally not speaking from experience here…). Here’s their website.

Budget Theater

Budget Theater

 6.) State Cinema 4

Cost: $4 a show, or $20 ($10 each) for the dinner deal

One of my personal favorites, the State Cinema is a great option for students. Located right on Broadway across the street from Penco (Mike’s Art and Design Supplies), this budget theater only costs $4 per show. They also have an offer where $20 gets you two tickets, two sodas and a pizza. Love it. Quickly becoming a Menomonie Must. Check out the times and movies. 

7.) Menomonie Theaters 7

Cost: $8 for a night show, $6 for a matinee

This place is great if you’re looking for a brand new movie or a special night out. Over by Walmart and Applebee’s, Menomonie Theaters 7 runs about $8 a show, but its only $6 for a matinee. So maybe a lunch date instead of a dinner date? Just like family video, this is located in a strip mall with a few restaurants, a pet shop and a dollar store so if you’re smart, you’ll see the potential for a one-stop night (or afternoon) of entertainment. My personal recommendation is Los Cabos (hands down the best Mexican food in Menomonie), the Pet Shop (go pet the puppies), the Dollar Store (just because), and then a movie. Again, if you plan this on a Friday or Thursday afternoon everything is cheaper and therefore more fun. Give it a try. Here are the times and costs for a movie. 

In conclusion, there are plenty of opportunities to catch a movie in Menomonie. If you’re wondering what movie to see, check some reviews like Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb to see what’s doing well. If you can’t decide what movie to rent, check out these lists of the best movies of all time on the American Film Institutes website. Right now, I’m working my way through the top 100 movies of all time. So, if you’re going through a dull bit, or looking to change up your weekends go ahead and explore Cinema at Stout.


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