Stoutfits: Hattie Stadheim

Remember a few years ago in the early 2000’s when ponchos were the big trend? Well, I was all over that fad. My favorite in particular was a hunter green, chunky knit number with an asymmetrical hem and fringe. I could even pull it to the side and show a little shoulder action. Come to think of it, this was probably the first really fashion forward trend I could wrap my mind around as a 7th grader in the suburbs of Milwaukee, and I had a pretty impressive collection of triangular knit ponchos by the end of that year. When they went out of style, I was nearly heartbroken to have to shove them to the back of my closet, and even more so when I gave them up to Goodwill the following year. Fortunately, for those of you who enjoyed this as much as I did, poncho’s are making a come-back!

Consistently walking the cutting edge of fashion is the lovely and trend-setting: Hattie Stadheim, Apparel Design Student 

Synch that poncho

Synch that poncho for an updated look

Maxi Skirt:  Target $6.24
Belt:  Target $3.24
Poncho Wrap: from TJMaxx $24.99
Three things to consider when picking out a poncho in 2012:
  • It should resemble a deconstructed shirt/sweater
  • It shouldn’t completely hide your figure, regardless of what your figure is. Is there a way you can belt/synch it so that you’re not drowning in it?
  • The more drape, the better.


Boots: House of Fraiser in London 15 pounds
Necklace: Oliver Bonas in London 22 pounds
Earrings: Target $1.98
Watch:  Target $3.24
Simple jewelry completes the look

Simple jewelry completes the look

Hattie’s Fashion Philosophy:

Fashion is not about looking back–it’s about looking forward

 Trends are pretty circular–but they’re never exactly the same. When reviving an old trend, think of a few ways to spice it up and make it different! Here’s a link on how to even make your own cape/poncho. 


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