A Whole Semester in 8 Days

Well, an entire semester’s worth of a single class. Welcome to Winterm in the beautiful Menomonie, WI! A chunk of ambitious students have ventured back a month early to get some college credits out of the way. While most Winterm classes are offered in an online format, allowing students to knock down the desired credits in the comfort of their parent’s homes, some are held on campus right in the labs. In the interest of graduating on schedule, I decided to participate in a condensed version of Cut and Sew Knits, an apparel construction class and haven’t regretted it for one moment.

Other Apparel students hard at work

For the curriculum, we have learned the basics of sewing with knit fabrics, how to fit knit garments, and have mastered the serger. With these skills, we designed a mini line of four garments and are now in the process of making the patterns, sewing and fitting the prototypes, and finally sewing the final garments. Class is from 9AM-4PM, four days a week and it goes very quickly.

Tackling a flatstitch on the serger

Katie works on a swimsuit

And that's only the prototype

After the prototypes are sewn, we fit them to our models and make adjustments

A prototype sewn and designed by me for my second garment

Don't worry-- I won't be using the strawberry and grape print fabric in the final

Making adjustments to my pattern after fitting my model

Hard at work on alterations

Plenty of homework

Two students in their prototype designs!

 Overall its been a rewarding experience so far. We’ve learned a lot from our professor and especially from each other. I will update again soon to show off our final designs!


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