Stoutfits: Annie Sorcic

While reading an article in the Wall Street Journal on the 10 worst Mistakes of First Time Job Hunters, I was amused by the networking tips. It is often over-looked that the students you see everyday will be heading into the same workforce that you are, and most-likely into the same portion of the industry. If you wear sweats to class everyday, it definitely makes a non-professional impression, thus affecting your job opportunities in the future.

An prime example of fashion and professionalism: Annie Sorcic, Apparel Design Student

Annie Sorcic

Annie Sorcic

Blazer: Urban Outfitters $80 ON SALE for $10 –business basics are worth the splurge, but can totally be found for great deals at places like TJ Maxx or even thrift stores

Dress: H&M, $36

Shoes: Miss Bisou, Khol’s

Earrings: Aldo

Miss Bisou

Miss Bisou

UO Blazer

UO Blazer

Aldo Earrings

Aldo Earrings

Annie is also the Apparel Design Student of the Month. She chose the major because

[She] recognized [her] strong passion for Apparel Design around the young age of 11. [Annie’s] father was a professional artist for much of his life, which helped [her]creativity, innovativeness, conviction, and leadership greatly prosper.

And her most anticipated winter accessory is: Furry Ear Muffs!


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