Stoutfits: Alisa Miller

So its November, winter weather is slowly creeping into our daily lives, and a majority of the campus is decked out in layers of flannel, fleece and denim. However, fear no longer! Fashion is still alive at UW Stout. I have pledged to find those fearless students who venture into the cold clad in creative outfits and refuse to compromise their fashion sense for lack of time or comfort.

First Stoutfit of November: Alisa Miller, Apparel Design student

Alisa Miller

Alisa Miller, Apparel Design

Shirt: Old Navy (but she got it at a thrift store!)

Shorts: (Yep. those are shorts.) Lauren Conrad from Kohl’s, $10 (on sale)

Shoes: Macy’s $10 on sale

Shirt Details

Shirt Details

Floral Print Sling-backs

Floral Print Sling-backs

 Alisa’s Favorite Fall Trend: Shorts with Tights!


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