Move-In Day Tips

While the thought of summer being over already sort of makes me cringe (didn’t it just start?), I am fully committed to being optimistic and open-minded about the new year. Fortunately, after two years of hectic move-in-to-the-dorms days, I have settled into my cozy little apartment off-campus already. However, I still have a few pointers for those about to embark upon dorm-life.

Move-In Day Tips:

  • Simple. You don’t need six different pairs of jeans that do the same thing. Same goes for shoes and jackets and anything else you may have an over-abundance of. Gauge how the weather will be until Thanksgiving (I assume that will be the next time you’re home) and try to pack accordingly. Ask yourself: do I really need 7 different scarves? ( P.S. you probably don’t), and then cut back to maybe 2.


  • Minimal Decorations. I made the mistake of picking a theme with my room mate for our dorm my freshman year. We decked out our space in all yellow and purple pillows, frames, nic-nacs, and even a clock that we hung on our wall. It was pretty, but you know what? All that junk just sat there all year gathering dust and causing clutter. Don’t pack anything that doesn’t have a specific purpose. Think of how you can use items for storage and for decorations– like a really cool vase for pencils, stack-able crates for anything from shoes to scarves, or extra shelves.


So Much Stuff

So Much Stuff

  •  Be Nice to Your Parents. Seriously. Even if you have a rocky relationship, let’s look at the big picture: they’re leaving. You’re at college. They drove you all the way out here and are helping you unload all your junk. Just grin and bear it.
  • Pack a Survival Bag. Throw all the stuff you need to survive (make-up, clean underwear, iPod, cell, chargers, toothbrush, etc.) in a backpack and carry it with you in the car. This way, you’re not forced to unpack all in one night if you’re too beat to do so. When I moved in, I couldn’t find my cell phone charger. Convinced I absolutely needed it at all costs, I did a terrible job of unpacking all my things hurriedly in one night until I found it in some obscure bag I had forgotten about. Prevent this and save yourself a headache.
And Don’t Forget…
  • Febreeze
  • Shower Caddy and SHOWER SHOES
  • First Aid Kit
  • Small Tool Kit
  • DISHES! [deep glass bowl, glass plate(glass because its better to microwave than plastic], silverware. Consider a cutting board and a decent knife for cutting all those veggies you’re going to eat 😉 ]
  • Can-opener (staring at that big can of soup at 1AM with no way to open it is beyond depressing)
  • Paper-towels
  • Printer Paper (you’ll have access to a printer in your dorm basement)

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